Barnes/Buzbee Family Cemetery

  1. Buzbee Family land patent dated June 13, 1883.
  2. Barnes Family land patent dated May 9, 1885.
  3. Location on the Topozone map for a cemetery. This is also where the headstones pictured here were found.
  4. LDS church on Bell Shoals. Several headstones were found at the rear of the property but are no longer visible. The best guess is they were knocked down by people mowing and got covered up or destroyed.
This cemetery was destroyed for a citrus grove. Five broken markers were found by the current owner while digging holes to plant palm trees. No bones were found, only headstones. They are laying about on the junction of the properties that were homesteaded by the Buzbee and Barnes families. There were about 40 graves in this cemetery so there are a lot to be found yet.

Title Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Stone Birth Day Year Death Day Year Cemetery Notes
  Barnes John W         1830     1885   born in Alabama
  Barnes Ludia Viola   yes August 7 1893 June 15 1902   First name may be Lydia but headstone says Ludia
  Barnes Zenia Everlina   yes May 21 1900 June 10 1903 Barnes/Buzbee  
  Buzbee Caroline Laney           November 10 1887   age 63
  Buzbee Elizabeth       May   1854         born in Coffee County, Alabama
  Buzbee Johnnie L   yes July 29 1885 April 18 1886    
  Buzbee Lawrence                 1907    
  Buzbee Lovewell     yes October 5 1882 February 8 1884   Daughter of J.M. & V.E. Buzbee
  Buzbee Viola E   yes January 3 1861 October 23 1890    
  Buzbee Louisa           1830         died after 1900

Note: One or more members of a Jones family may be buried here as well.