Bloomingdale Community Cemetery

Grave listings
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  7. Headstone pictures contributed by Joyce
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  9. Headstone picture of Ethel L. Carrigan's and William A. Carrigan contributed by Vic Smith who is their great-grandson.

The Bloomingdale Community Cemetery is located on Bloomingdale Avenue about one mile east of Lithia Pinecrest Road. It was at one time known as the Hendrix Family Cemetery. The Hendrix family is a prominent family in the cemetery. The first person buried in the cemetery was Artemesia Hendrix who died in 1901 of typhoid fever. The Hendrix family came from South Alabama to Florida in 1842 with the following family members:
  1. James and his wife Chloe with their children and grandchildren:
  2. Son Peter & his wife Margaret - children: Susannah age 7 and David age 6
  3. Son Barnabas and his wife Nancy & children
  4. Son Reuben and his wife Frances & 2 year old Alexandria
  5. Nancy's sister Amy and her husband Fate Kelly & their children
  6. Amelia age 6 and Sarah age 4
  7. Fate's mother Aunt Jenny
  8. Daughter Lucinda and her husband Kaniel Kelly who had no children.
  9. Another daughter Artemesia and her husband Israel Garner with their children Rebecca age six and Joseph age three
The patriarch of the family, David and his wife were too old and feeble to make the journey so they stayed in Alabama.

Hillsborough County Hendrix family land patents
Name Date Land Office Doc # Serial Nr.Location
HENDRIX, CANDIS M 6/6/1892 Gainesville 9813 FL0850__.490Section 36/ 29-S 20-E
HENDRIX, JAMES 6/30/1883 Gainesville 2748 FL0710__.374Section 6,7/ 30-S 21-E
HENDRIX, PETER D 8/13/1883 Gainesville 3511 FL0720__.495Section 5/ 30-S 21-E
HENDRIX, REUBEN J 6/30/1883 Gainesville 2461 FL0710__.234Section 26/ 29-S 20-E