John Carney Grave

Born: August 24, 1804
Died: April 17, 1856
John Carney served as a private in Capt. Lesley's company, Florida Mounted Volunteer Militia fighting the third Seminole War. The army was having problems feeding the troops due to lack of funding by the State of Florida so General Carter asked for volunteers to raise crops so the troops could be fed. John Carney volunteered and since he had almost 160 acres, he had plenty of land to help out. It proved to be his undoing as he was attacked, killed and scalped by Seminoles as he plowed his farm. Capt. Lesley and his son along with some of the other volunteers chased down and killed most of the Indians responsible for Carney's death. They then buried him where they found him. John Carney died without a will so his son John inherited the property. When he sold it in 1877 he reserved "for myself one quarter of one acre the same being upon which the grave of John Carney is situated, the said grave being in the center of the said one quarter of an acre and the said grave being situate in of said township, section and range."

Note: The properly is now described as an acre on the Property Appriasers website.

Title Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Stone Birth Day Year Death Day Year Cemetery Notes
  Carney John     yes August 24 1824 April 17 1856 Carney There may be 2 graves