Hillsborough County Indigent Burials

Hillsborough County bought 128 acres in 1905 that bordered on 22nd and what is now Bruce B. Downs. A "poor farm" and cemetery was established. Later on, thanks to the WPA, a county hospital for the poor was built in 1935 which served in that capacity for many years. Using old county records and funeral home records you can see that there are burials from about 1906 to 1967 in this cemetery. These burials are designated as County Poor Farm in the cemetery column. After that time the burials were done in various perpetual care cemeteries in the county. They are no headstones for either. Indigents are no longer being buried in cemeteries but rather they are being creamated. A number in the "Misc" column is the entry number on the books that were maintained by the County Department of Public Assistance. Those books burned up some years ago. Most death dates are internment dates rather than death dates.

Note: Shady Grove Cemetery is now known as Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery.

Even though he isn't buried here I have included the obituary and some other interesting information about Frank Gray He was a son of a former superintendent of the poor farm.
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