McDonald Family Cemetery

Born: October 29, 1894
Died: April 1899
Son of Jefferson B and Annie Elizabeth Cook McDonald. He died from eating too many green bananas.

This mobile home has been moved in here just in the last few years. This area used to be a pasture area. According to Jim Toole who used to own the property, there were 7 graves here. 3 of the other graves were Clark children who were friends with the McDonalds. The other two graves may be of a set of twins, Olivette Born Feb. 8, 1898 Died May 1898 and Margaret Born Feb. 8, 1898 - Died July 24, 1898. Mr. Toole says they were all in a group around where the 2 headstones are but he doesn't remember any other headstones there since 1946 when he bought the property. He made his son promise not to disturb the graves when he sold him the property.

Born: February 8, 1886
Died: November 8, 1898
Son Of Jefferson B and Annie Elizabeth Cook McDonald. He accidentally shot himself while hunting at Keysville.
Mr. Jim Toole says that when these children died the Alafia River and a nearby creek were both in flood stage and the McDonald family was unable to take them to an established cemetery for burial. Someone donated the land so they could bury them. A few years later someone dug up one of the graves and made off with a coffin. They were unable to cross the swollen creek and left the coffin there but they had broken the coffin so the bones were scattered around. The McDonald family came and picked up all the bones they could find and re-buried them.